Pre-sales software for software agenices.

Built and designed for software agencies, Konsept is a B2B SaaS platform that removes everyday pre-sales processes and pains from software agencies (ie. workshops, scoping, quotes, proposals), allowing agencies to focus on what they do best – delivering software. 

How it works.

1. Digitise your client workshop

Replace your notepads and post-it notes with a digital workshop space. You can quickly add user stories and feature sets from your own presets, or better yet, use our Pre-Scoped Feature sets to instantly add all the information you need to create a thorough scope.

In 3 clicks you can create a user flow for a registration screen, with complete details about google or facebook auth requirements.

2. Instantly generate quotes

Once you’ve filled out all of your user stories from the workshop you’ll have your complete scope. Now simply use your preset effort estimates on each feature set to instantly generate quotes from how many resources will be needed, and what skill level they are.

You can also quickly edit each scope line as you see fit, and automatically add allowances for QA and Project Management.

3. Iterate your proposals in seconds

Once you have a new quote, it’s a quick copy and paste into your proposal, but the best part is any minor tweaks the client asks for can be made in seconds, and a new quote generated just as fast.

This allows you to spend less time updating documents, and increases your chances of converting your leads.


Invest in Konsept.

Konsept is growing and has just opened up a Seed Funding Round for a 20% equity stake in the business. Learn more in our pitch deck covering the platform, business model, financials via the link below.

Download our investment pack